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@LucyFurTweets Bitter sweet memories hugs to you and your family

This Friday we will be in #AntigoWI
For an #AnimalCommunication class at Book Bauble & Blessings
Sunday at Turtle Island we will also be teaching our Gem essence / Structured Water class that’s part of the Sunshine Gathering Classes that was delayed. #GreenBayWI #psychic
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At the office
Tuesday (today)
Wednesday &
If you’d like a
Soul Card Reading
Chakra Revitalization
Or Energy Healing.
Turtle Island Gifts
Inward Bound Experience
#GreenBayWI #Psychic
Also have our fairy houses & paintings available.
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~The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.
~Coretta Scott King
#MLKDay #MartinLutherKingDay
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@michaelscat2 And placed it in a sun flower by his heart because she was his sunflower. I had her paw life size with the universe inside because she was one with the universe. We also place apples on where she’s buried because she loved them so much.

@michaelscat2 I’m so sorry for your loss. When we lost our Lucy a few years back it really helped me to do something to honor her. We wrapped her in the most beautiful scarf. We each designed a tattoo that was meaningful to us and our relationship with her. My husband shrank down her paw 1/2

🎉Friends! Tweeps! Our teen human needs your help. Especially if you work with strays, ferals, a rescue or shelter. He is in a design/engineering class & needs to design/build something that solves a problem /helps others. Being he loves us. He wants to help cats in need. 1/

@TheMettaVision So very glad to help you in hard times Sophie and Metta ✨💖 keep going girls your already gorgeous.

My frens . @energy_soul are amazing & offer a lot of services including animal communication.

* I'm an existing customer *

Check out Soul Purpose Energy ( @energy_soul):

@timzmom Thank you Rose for the honor of connecting with you and your furry family members.

Encouraging everyone to take a breath, slow down, it’s a hard time on all of us. #Mindfulness #MindfulMonday #peaceofmind #selfcare

Thank you so much Rallycats! It’s been a delight ✨💖
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