Our Modalities

Soul Card Readings~ Leigh starts by reading the cards. Tomás gets images and information then relaying this information after the cards Leigh is then connecting to your energy and will clear any blocks to the next highest good coming your way to balance out and helping support an easy transition. We look at where you are coming from, where you are at and where you are going to, clearing the way for the next Highest Good coming your way. $40 for 30 minutes.

Pet Communication~ We connect to the Soul of your pet and communicate with them in that space. Leigh being a Physical Medium, feels the pains and sees images from your pet, this is the first part of the reading. Tomas hears the animal speaking words like we hear each other.
Tomás and Leigh will be helping your animals like an examination with your pet. Answering questions and clearing up any questions either of you had with each other. Please bring a picture with you of your physical or non physical animal, a phone picture is fine. We can do it over the phone or Skype as well. $40 per half hour.

Chakra Revitalization~ In this we go into each Chakra and repair them one by one. Giving you a Reading as we go, bringing back vitality and restoration to each Chakra. Realignment of their function and grounding. This type of work was a development of 6 different techniques combined to form a whole new thing. (this can be up to a one hour process) $40 for 30 minutes

Soul Energy Retrieval~ A technique used by Shamans where you reclaim the Energy lost during a traumatic event and releasing the Energy left with you from past events. $40

Chakra Alignment~ (in person only) A Session that takes an hour. With precise hand placements we infuse energy to your Chakras and clear your Energy improving the flow of your Energy and explaining/correcting any blockages. $80

Past Life Readings~ The way this reading is done is identifying energies that are linking between your focuses and making adjustments. You do get information of your past lifetimes and how it's affecting you now. $40

Violet Ray Healing Session~ Edgar Cayce using Nikola Tesla’s ideas about electricity in Healing to assist the body and developed this device still used in Doctor’s offices today. Pairing this device with our Energy Work we can assist you with pain and many things. It has a similar effect to Acupuncture. Please do not wear knit items over the area you’d like us to work on or have a clothing item under it. $30 (15-20 min)

House, Business and Land Clearings or Blessings. $150 an hour within the Fox Cities area, $25 for every 30 minute drive.

Party Readings~ Private Individual(Half Hour) Card Readings. 5 person minimum. Host one and you'll get a free Reading. $30 for each person.

Gallery Style Readings~ Psychic Readings in a Group Setting. Contact us for travel expenses if out of the Fox Valley area. $30 per person. 5 person minimum. The Host gets a free Reading.

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