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Creativity and creating is important.
Digging in and expressing yourself is a vital activity for people.
This intimidated some not seeing themselves as an artist, or musician.
Those words are held up so high even those doing the activities have a hard time claiming them.
I’m not talking quality. I’m talking about the actual activity of creating.
This comes in many forms for people for some it even shows up in baking, cooking, gardening, even working out.
It’s the tapping into that Zen mode when we lose time a bit and it’s just us and the activity.
It’s good for our Soul. We connect to that energy that flows to all creativity.
Sparking it in other areas of your life.
Needing perspective get creating.
Struggling in an area, create and watch ideas start to flow.
It’s an unlimited quantity.
We wonder at what the next big thing will be: working in creativity is the way to those answers.
Unlock this gift in you and watch what it unlocks for you



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