The weight of chains

Releasing chains that bind us is a huge part of healing ourselves, Body, Mind and Spirit. One isn’t more important than the other.  We tend to favor one over another depending on your personality.  Emotions can point out just as valid things as pain and discomfort in your body. Always in which our self talks with us are important.

When we ignore one we toss the rest off.  we will get our attention, your higher self, Divine, God will not let you ignore yourself for long.  If you won’t listen one way there are other ways.  It’s time we have to see ourselves as a whole person.  Listen to yourself, deal with the things and scary and intense and the less dramatic as well.

Take the time to unpack what is coming up  for you.  Remove the blocks and things holding you back. Seek out someone to help you when you hit a roadblock.  It is not weak to seek out someone who may know more about it who has dedicated their life to it.  It is strength, not weakness to be able to do so.  We all have blind spots and places we see less clearly. It’s good practice to do so. Weakness is staying in our lack of knowledge and understanding while digging in in the face of more knowledge.

It is not noble or helpful to suffer either. There is this old romantic notion of suffering being this noble thing to be admired. It isn’t helpful to just suffer with it.  It leaves you alone isolated from those who care about you.

It is hard to be in pain; all pain.  It is draining and you don’t wanna talk about it all the time.  Do talk about it some of the time,  go after it its the only way through it.

Love & Light to you




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