Passion vs. It’s ok

Being interested in something is not the same as being passionate about it.  Many things are good things, interesting, worth while valuable things: doesn’t make them your things to do.  there is enough time in every day to do your things. the stress and overwhelm comes when we take on others things.  There is enough time and energy to do your things. Just not yours and everyone else’s.

Gotta simplify. find what your passionate about.  What is it really that makes you feel the most you. we all are multi dimensional beings with varied interests in many things we can spend a lot of time doing things. Time and your calendar will fill up. We all have have to’s and need to’s.  Its the moments we get to choose.  In the moments that are yours, is it zone out or something to enjoy. Does it bring you joy? Or is it just a filler or void, or nonexistence Thing.  Knowing yourself starts there; be detailed. Figuring out the small parts helps with the more complicated things later.

It sounds so small but can make such a huge difference.  make a note book of specific things that bring that feeling of delight, or passion, not just eat chocolate, What kind? When do you like to eat it? be detailed. Then when you do it, savor it. Really slow down and enjoy it.  One of my things is morning coffee. the whole ritual of it while it brews and the ‘not cream’ swirling in it. Quiet moment with just me and my mug of energy  mmmmm

Oh hey… I’m back. Sorry about that. It doesn’t have to be something as simple as coffee I also have found passion in painting Energy Work.  writing and many other things.  It all started small when someone said to me what I’m saying to you.

I liked things but sometimes I found out I didn’t really like them. I liked aspects of them that lead to other things I really did like.  Such as I like Yoga, It feels good on the body, its a fun activity with your friends, and it is really good energy mover. Reality for me. I hate hot rooms, and my knees are bad, it hurts. Please Yoga people don’t kill me. But taking things I did like I found QuiGong much easier on the knees less kneeling fit me better. don’t be discouraged if something isn’t a fit for you.  Narrowing it down is good, it gives you insight and direction. You didn’t fail, it you eliminated that as a choice opening you up to more things.

I am pretty sure I rambled on there for a while but I hope this finds those who need it.

Love  &  Light to you



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