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What are the questions you are asking

Where is the energy you are bringing to the things happening around you.  This is also a How looking at how you are contributing to the things happening to you.  When we are talking energy we are talking total responsibility for your energy.  Your vibe attracts is a real thing. Our inner world is shown to us as our outer world.  Find the parts of what is happening in you with the things happening and the roots of that is being shown to you.

What is it you focus on? The issue or the path to the goal.  You focus draws supporting energy if you focus on problems you will draw more.  Not that the path will not have resistance it just has a different feel with solutions bringing them selves forward.  If your energy feels it needs a fight to make progress one will present it self. You wouldn’t trust it if it did not; so you are given what you are calling for.

When is a relative.  It rarely leads to real answers, as is Why.  The two first asked questions the why is for your growth.  It isn’t the one we want; we are so bad at judging what is good for us.  Comfort level isn’t often taken as a gage in this.  Taking growth and movement to a digestible level lets look at a seed.  Seeds aren’t comfortable when buried in dirt.  If seeds were sentient I’m sure it would feel lonely and forgotten. When the seed busts open and sprouts. That is literally splitting open.  Ouch. Pushing through the dirt past what is known and how you’ve been “living” with roots searching for substance and sustenance.  really uncomfortable time becoming. at this point the plant it self has no or very little resemblance to the final plant.  The plant emerges, weak and frail.   It now has to live in random weather and wind and adjust.  None of these steps is easy but the why is so clear, it is the same for us.

Just changing your question helps so much.  Gives direction clearing the path for you.



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