Letting go of what you didn’t know

We only agree to be treated as badly as we treat ourselves. When this tipping point is reached we can no longer sweep the unacceptable things under the rug.  It often feels like the earth shifts from underneath us in these moments.  The world crashes in when we see how we have failed ourselves and others.

The little lies we tell ourself and ways we ignored ourselves piles on.  We feel stupid, overwhelmed.  It’s ok to move past what we didn’t know or want to know in the moment.  We do now: that is what is needed.  Flogging yourself for not seeing before is pointless. It only delays or stops you from moving forward.  Make amends the best you can, strive to be more open, do better.  It just traps you in a new spot to stay in there continuing to beat your self up for it.  Judging our selves with current knowledge for having gone through what taught us the knowledge we have is so pointless and you loss the point of learning it.

It is just bringing more shame and stupid feeling it closes us off to learning a processing the new information with a  fuller picture and connection.  It is not a week position to gain awareness; it is exactly the opposite.  It feels at times we are so wrapped in our tunnel vision that we fail to bump up against anything that challenges our view point. Bringing that moment of recognizing the assault we are having on our self and those around us.  In the name of that is just the way it is, grow up, fear, and all the excuses we lose decency, truth, growth, and the right thing.

Letting go of the shame is so freeing.  It lets you see such a wider view, dropping the fear and judgment gives higher perspective, greater insights await. The entry to this is through forgiving your self.  The freedom on that alone is life changing. its a beautiful place to start.

Love and Light to you, be blessed in all you do today: thank you for joining us here.


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