Blue blood Moon. Part 2

January 21, 2018 Daily Life, Daily Readings, Psychic



Todays post is all about the flow of Energy . It is picking up right now because of the Blue Blood Moon happening at the end of the month. Yesterday’s post on the Third Super Moon called the Blue Blood Moon goes into some details about it, this a continuation of that energy, just new aspect of it.
So, buckle up guys, we are diving into clearing things up.
You have ideas and business?
That thing that you’ve been wanting to take off and me of breakthrough. The Energy is available for breakthrough and shifting.
Keep in on the up and up. A bunch of shady dealings are going to be uncovered. Right now just and uncovering of the hidden is going to be happening. No problem if your dealings are straight. What is growing from your heart will be very clear. Stick with Maya Angelou “If someone shows you who they are, believe them.”
Its time to stop repainting things to our liking.
Now, don’t get me wrong, we can all still lie to ourselves: however, its not going to be without knowing, we are. We will be choosing to be misinformed. It will not feel as satisfying as it has in the past to do so. We will be increasingly uncomfortable with it.
Pyrite (Fools Gold) is a great stone for this time because the truth will not be hidden and the unearthing of things in inevitable. our awareness will be sharpened.
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