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January 21, 2018 Daily Life, Daily Readings, Psychic

Hello World! Let’s talk about Blue Blood Moon

I feel like the energy has been starting for the Super Blue Blood Moon on the 30th of January so let’s talk about it.
First the name
Super – Super Moon is the time when the moon appears closer and brighter.
Blue- Blue Moon is when there are two blue moons in the same month.
Blood- Blood Moon is a nod the full moon eclipse happening.
The last time this happened was 150 years ago in 1866.
The energy of this is magnifying some things for us.
Subconscious things will be brought forward.
Things needing your attention need to be addressed.
The status quo won’t be enough.
True character will be seen.
A lot of clarity will be available.
We can always dismiss and ignore but
at this time it’s not an unknown things
It’s a choice to.
Breath work is important at this time.
Meditation will help so much in the next month.
Inspiration will be everywhere.
It’s a dynamic time.
Connection and thoughtfulness Is the key to working through it.
Meaningful conversations.
Thoughtful notes are important.
Don’t be hesitating to reach out.
This is the last of a trio of Super Moons around the end and beginning of this year.
Build your intentions.
Make lists.
Your path or steps will be clear.


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