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We are Certified LifeForce Energy Healers, trained under Master Healer and Teacher Deborah King from Hay House and have studied for many years to gain sensitivity for our Gifts and Abilities that we have had all of our lives. Our Gifts come by naturally. Our areas of expertise are Toltec Energy Healing, Soul Card Readings, Chakra Revitalization, Energy Retrieval, Crystal Healing, Automatic Writing, Pet Communication/Healing, Lifeforce and Violet Ray Healing.

Tomas’s grandmother was the Medicine Woman the village in Zacatecas, Mexico where she lived. At the age of five he was assisting and Healing the indigenous people of Honorable Huajuapan De Leon, Mexico by offering Readings and Healing in exchange of learning their dialect.

Leigh is a Medical Medium and Healer. Her paternal great-grandmother was a well known Psychic in the State of Illinois and her maternal grandmother was also gifted.

We have been active in our Gifts and Abilities from young on and assisting and Healing people for over 20 years.


Looking forward to connecting You to You.


You can reach us at (920)202-0378

Love and Light

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Happy Mother’s day
To all who have the joy of being a mother.

May today be not as hard for those who haven’t been able to be a mother.

For those who have lost their mother May you find ways to honor their memory & celebrate their life not just the empty place that remains now https://t.co/ZGkLzbx8zz
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